Marriage Preparation

Marriage is a sacrament, which lasts until death. We are here to help you to prepare for this profound experience of God’s love that will be showered upon you on your wedding day and every day of your married life. Because sacraments are essential to the life of the church, adequate marriage preparation is necessary to the Reception of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Your spiritual development as a couple is the most important aspect of your marriage preparation. As you enter the church, come before the altar and exchange your vows, you will receive a new sacramental identity which will be centered on a relationship built on faith in God and faith in each other.

Planning a Wedding

Congratulations on your recent engagement. We hope that this time of preparation and planning is a special time of grace for you. Arrangements for weddings should be made twelve months in advance.

Where to Start

Marriage preparation consists of meetings with a priest or deacon, and a meeting with our music director. In addition, your Pre-Cana requirement may be fulfilled at the diocesan or parish level.  The couple will be required to request updated baptismal certificates from the churches in which they were baptized.

Wedding Checklist

  • Be registered and active in the parish.

  • Call the rectory at 201-997-0700 to make arrangements or use our online form below to register.
  • Meet with Fr. Mike or Fr. Jose to discuss the process and confirm the proposed date.

    • The time for a wedding on Friday must be arranged by a priest based on particular circumstances and on other activities scheduled in our church on Friday. Weddings on Saturday take place at 2 PM and 3:30 PM. Weddings on Sunday take place at 2 PM, 3 PM and 4 PM. There are NO wedding nuptial masses allowed on Sunday
  • Schedule your rehearsal.

  • Attend Pre-Cana and submit certificate. Pre-Cana Registration

  • Attend God’s Plan for a Joy Filled Marriage, and submit certificate.

  • Submit Baptismal certificates(s).

  • Meet with music director, to discuss the music and liturgy.

  • Final meeting.

  • Rehearsal

    • Rehearsals are scheduled by a priest who will celebrate your wedding at a time that is mutually agreeable
  • Wedding Day

In the weeks and months ahead as you plan for the reception of the Sacrament of Matrimony we suggest that you spend some time each day in prayer, reading of the Bible, spiritual reading and in works of mercy. Often prayers in the days ahead, both alone and together, will certainly deepen your personal relationship and your relationship with God.


Arrangements for music should be made with our Director of Music. A thorough and complete planning session will take place between the music director and bride and groom. The couple will select music which reflects the dignified worship of God. Secular music is not allowed.

The couple should contact our Music Director shortly after their first meeting with a priest (no less than 6 months prior to their wedding.)


You can find copies of typical Readings from Sacred Scripture for your selection of which you prefer to be read at the Wedding Liturgy.



Rehearsals are scheduled by a priest who will celebrate your wedding at a time that is mutually agreeable. Because there may be a number of rehearsals scheduled on any given evening, you are asked to have your wedding party in the church at the scheduled time, otherwise your rehearsal may be postponed until the other scheduled rehearsals are completed. On the evening of the rehearsal the following must be presented to the priest or deacon. a/ the marriage license b/ the church fee of $500 c/ the music director’s fee of $400 d/ a small gift for 2 altar servers (usually $10 each)


In choosing photographers and videographers please know that we require that they must not distract those who attend the ceremony, or the bride and groom. We do not allow pictures or videos to be taken from within the sanctuary (the altar area) and only those hired by a couple are permitted to move about during the service. Floodlights are not permitted during the service. Due to the volume of weddings in our church, picture taking in the church or on the church grounds after the wedding is prohibited. Please inform your photographer and videographer about these restrictions.


The couple makes arrangements for all floral decorations. All deliveries are to be made at least one -half hour before the start of the service. Please inform your florist that if pew decorations are used, they can not be taped or tacked to the pew. Florists should use rubber bands. The use of runners in the church are not permitted.. It is customary to leave flowers in the church after the wedding for the decoration of the church during the weekend.


Please inform your limousine service that the wedding procession will begin at the Church Place entrance of the church and the wedding recession will end at the main entrance of the church on Ridge Road. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited on the church grounds before, during and after all rehearsals and weddings.


This popular practice, although never formally approved by the church, has been fairly common. Because it has never been fully integrated into the Catholic wedding liturgy, we discourage couples from using this practice at their wedding service.


To keep the church aisles and steps clean and safe for all who come to Queen of Peace, and to avoid any question of liability to you or your guests, you are requested to inform those who attend your wedding that throwing rice, birdseed, confetti or rose petals is prohibited inside or outside of the church.


All people involved in a wedding rehearsal must be in the church 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. On the day of the wedding the full bridal party must be in the church 15 minutes before the time the wedding is scheduled to begin.

Register for a Wedding

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