2017-2018 Bible Study


Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

Being Catholic takes more than simply believing in God or doing what he asks of us. Jesus wants you to be more than just a believer—he wants you to be his disciple and friend. To help you answer this call to deeper friendship with Christ, Queen of Peace will begin our latest Bible Study:  

The first session is scheduled for Sept. 20th at 7 pm. at the LaSalle CenterThere will be a registration fee of $25 to cover the cost of videos, as well as, individual workbooks for participants. Please join us each week for a 30 minute video presentation followed by a lively discussion.  For more information contact Sister Anita at (201) 991-0235 or visit AscensionPress.com.  You will not only benefit personally from being part of this study; you will also help us to grow in fellowship as a parish as we grow closer to Christ together.